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Hike-about is an adventure that commenced June 2010. After storing our household movables, ridding ourselves of a house but retaining our 'home' together, we set off with the purpose of hiking in different parts of the world, not forgetting the home country, the USA.

Our primary focus is hiking to mountain peaks but any challenging hike will do just fine. Extended stays enable us to enjoy and experience living in various places amongst differing cultures. Hike-about has evolved into a way of life. It's also a process of discovery, both the world and ourselves.

We work and live 'on the road' but return to the city in which our grandchildren reside, every couple of months. This provides us the wonderful opportunity to be with them as well as a child or two, even three and of course, friends.

By the end of 2022, the blog contained over 1,470 hikes, each a set of pictures with stories and anecdotes from the trails. An index to the right allows the viewer to identify earlier experiences.

Finally, we are often asked about the journey's end.
ur reply, as accurate as we can state, is: "When we are either forced to cease through health issues or the enjoyment level no longer reaches our aspirations, we will hang up the boots."

"A Life Experience As No Other: Dare to Seize the Day Together", published by Fulton Books, depicts our life on the road and mountains until the beginning of 2017. It has developed 'exponentially' since then.

Jenni and Jeffrey Lazarow

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Monday, May 29, 2017

31.04 Slovenia: Crna Prst, a glimpse into the tough mountains of the region.

In the early to mid-stage, the editor takes comfort from the flora. Nice sentiment but quite false.

Every now and again, and on many occasions over the recent past, comes along a staggering mountain hike. Today was another of those times. Climbing through the always gorgeous forests of northern Slovenia along and upon the Julian Alps, with fragrances emitted from beech trees and others, the beginning of early blooming flora, perhaps the strenuous nature of the challenge was somewhat mitigated. Well, perhaps not. Climbing 3,700 feet over tough terrain after a few earlier challenging hikes
is taking its toll. Apparently, we are not getting any younger although we are trying to convince our muscles not to believe such commonly bandied about rumors.

Thus far, life in Slovenia has been an eye opener; at a later stage we might write about it. Currently, we are running out of words or allocating energy to parts of the body that can really use it. The photographs below capture some of the essence of the hike although many of the difficulties on the slopes, narrow edges and grind up impossibly steep slopes are missing. Nevertheless, standing way above the villages situate at ground level while gazing at incredible mountain ranges is a delight to the senses. It's also a reminder that the misery created by some of our fellow humans should be placed in perspective whenever possible.

Finally, today was one of the few days, while seated at the peak enjoying our usual breakfast but at 1pm, when we feared returning to the trailhead. It was not that the weather was turning a little grey, nor was it that we loved the summit that much, and it certainly wasn't the fact that we wanted to sleep outside for the night. The answer was rather simple. We were 'bloody' tired and the descent was going to be very testing. Our editor, currently questioning her sanity, said brutal might be a better description.

As we turn the bend after 800 feet ascension, we look aghast at the peak. Later we realize it was not the peak.
The top was actually 500 feet higher and on the other side. It would have been a good deal.

In the early stages, Slovenia's highest, Triglav comes into view.

Looking down on the route. We passed the hut (bottom of picture) at about the half-way stage. The town below is Bohinj Bistrica.

15 minutes to go.

Still climbing. We ascend above the peak we thought was the summit. Triglav looks a little lower from this point.

Approaching a tricky area to climb: wet, snow and steep.. but still smiling.

Sitting at the peak as the weather turns.

Taking in the views at the peak...attractive and rugged.

A hiker's dream...reaching such a beautiful position.

I have an idea what the editor is thinking at a position past half-way stage.

Below the towering peaks sits Lake Bohinj.

An outlet from the lake.

The last sunlight leaves Bled reluctantly.


Jenni and Jeffrey

Friday, May 26, 2017

31.01 Slovenia, Bled: A Random Selection of Photographs up Visenik.

An elevation gain
of 2,200 feet over 2.25 miles: short, sweet and highly satisfying...and a little (lot) tiring.

Nearing the peak of Visenik.

Triglav, the highest peak in the country, smolders behind us.

A view of the village just outside Bled, from our patio, before setting off that morning; Bled Castle at rear on left.

Some of the most beautiful forests we've seen; the contrasting greens are great.

Standing at the furthest trail point beyond the peak.

After clearing the tree line, the attractive peak appears prominent.

Reaching the peak.

It may not be everyone's description of the surrounding peaks but the word 'gorgeous' comes to mind.

Returning from the lesser but tricky peak across the way.

Jen pops around the corner...exhausted.


Jenni and Jeffrey