New Zealand 2017: Tongariro Crossing and Mount Ngauruhoe.


Hike-about is an adventure that commenced June 2010. After storing our household movables, ridding ourselves of a house but retaining our 'home' together, we set off with the purpose of hiking in different parts of the world, not forgetting the home country, the USA.

Our primary focus is hiking to mountain peaks but any challenging hike will do just fine. Extended stays enable us to enjoy and experience living in various places amongst differing cultures. Hike-about has evolved into a way of life. It's also a process of discovery, both the world and ourselves.

We work and live 'on the road' but return to the city in which our grandchildren reside, every couple of months. This provides us the wonderful opportunity to be with them as well as a child or two, even three and of course, friends.

By the end of 2022, the blog contained over 1,470 hikes, each a set of pictures with stories and anecdotes from the trails. An index to the right allows the viewer to identify earlier experiences.

Finally, we are often asked about the journey's end.
ur reply, as accurate as we can state, is: "When we are either forced to cease through health issues or the enjoyment level no longer reaches our aspirations, we will hang up the boots."

"A Life Experience As No Other: Dare to Seize the Day Together", published by Fulton Books, depicts our life on the road and mountains until the beginning of 2017. It has developed 'exponentially' since then.

Jenni and Jeffrey Lazarow

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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

48.02 Arizona: Gila Mountains. Jester's Peak, joke, no laughs but plenty of excitement.

"Atta, Girl." Jen has one helluva day, third false peak before top. One proud boy watches her feat or was it feet? (Actually both, with trepidation.)

Every now and again, fortunately quite often for us, comes along a hike, an experience really, that is memorable in a number of ways. This was another of those. It had desert beauty, surrounding mountains, steep and challenging climbs, narrow outside edges most of the way and an element of danger that kept us on our toes. It was an experience that will linger. 

Fortunately, there are a couple of pictures from the day that have special meaning for us, particularly of Jenni in various stages of the climb. On the negative (tiny), and that's only to provide balance, the views lacked lakes or dams which would have made it near perfect. Although Yuma experienced rain these past few days, it is not something that occurs frequently, certainly insufficient to support a dam. However, the Colorado River, our favorite, flows through the town but is not visible from the Gila Mountains. Another aspect is the trailhead. We hiked an hour each way from our parking place to the trailhead as the track is not reasonable for a passenger sedan. 

Nevertheless, the cross country-walking in the desert is an experience in and of itself. As Jenni reminded me on the way back, long before I could whine: 'See it as an investment in yourself'. I'm beginning to believe she listens to me...occasionally. 

We'll end there by repeating what an outstanding hike, climb and experience it was. We can't think of better without sweating our brains a bit and we don't like to strain them for we only have a little of that matter. 

A salute to Jenni on an outstanding day. 

Returning from the peak which is a mere few minutes beyond the upper position in view.

Mesmerized by this photo but then again, Jen says I can be a little odd.

For some perspective, Jen views the peak after walking near on an hour just to reach the base. The flag on the peak, see below, is in view but missed by the camera.

Climbing and hiking nirvana. Always obliged and wishing to pay respect for what it represents.

Impressed especially that she's showing off a bit. Eases my conscience.

Reaching the false peak before the was free-climbing more than following a trail.

Jenni stops for some gorgeous views...and a rest.

Jen at a relatively easy stage although the fall-offs are steep.

Approaching a difficult section.

A harsh region that Mother Nature blesses, too.

Such a great position although below the summit. She ought to feel on 'top of the world'.


Jenni and Jeffrey

Saturday, January 23, 2021

Special Publication from Yuma, Arizona: A memorable hike and surprising views.

Peering through 'the looking glass' toward the mountains and farms (see below)...perhaps, the Ocotillo is more correct.

A moment when the sun, clouds, and colors lined up for us just before leaving the summit.


Jenni and Jeffrey

47.50 Nevada: Old Vegas Trail, way above and away from the new Vegas gambling pit.

We've never done this hike fact, we've hardly done anything in this large region, state, country and world. We once mentioned that each time we find and do something new or different, it creates multiple additional opportunities. This seems a contrary statement. Nevertheless, following the logic, it would seem the more one does, the greater are the openings available. When a person confronts the world, it soon becomes apparent who is finite and what is infinite. 

A view of Lava Butte, a hike we've undertaken a few times which is effectively, a walk to a peak without a trail. It's difficult in places, involves plotting a route both ways and provides excellent views of the colorful desert, Lake Mead and Lake Las Vegas. It's outstanding. It's tough.

By turning a few degrees to the left, our focus bacame Las Vegas rather than the colorful desert. Did not take much motivation to turn a few degrees back toward the right-side.

We intended to play golf that day but the lawn-mowing gang were in town.

A few more degrees to the right and a favorite, 'The Frenchman' came into view.

I looked up to see this fellow sprinting down the mountain as if being hunted. Turns out he was being chased. I waited a couple of seconds and lo and behold, Jenni appeared in hot pursuit.

Interesting formations as we approach one of the peaks.

Giving us the eye. The wild life of Vegas is not only found surrounding the tables.

A rather majestic gait as he turns and walks away from 'trouble' and her husband.


Jenni and Jeffrey

Monday, January 18, 2021

Second cover page: (Because of technical issues)

 Arizona: Tonto National Forest.

We were in Crete, Greece when we came upon this slope to negotiate. Without hesitation, Jenni took, what she considered, a first step of attack.

She went on strike. Fortunately, the rocks are much softer in Greece, perhaps slippery too.

47.52 Page, Arizona: A walk along the Colorado River and Lake Powell, three different hikes.

A little sun, a little of rock formations, a little water and a lot of beauty.

Taking a walk on the wild side.

End of the road. No way across this end part without help.

The ups, downs and overs as we made our way along the river was exciting and quite spectacular.
Jen coming the center.

Will she or won't she? She's too smart to fall for that.
Stunned by this sight.

The whole region along the lake/river is covered in rock formations.

Let's get off there before you land yourself in trouble.


Jenni and Jeffrey

Sunday, January 17, 2021

47.51 California: Montana de Oro: Valencia Peak and surround.

After the hike, we absorbed the refreshing sights below.

Part way up, the peak is behind the highpoint.

After the clouds dissipated, that's a view of the peak from the trailhead.

Still a bit of low cloud cover but insufficient to capture the beauty of the previous week when the fires and thick cloud provided amazing colors and formations.

Easy, well-marked snaking trails not without snakes.

This is an approach from another trailhead. We'll go around the current summit and head to the peak behind.

Having a whale of time. (A little obvious).


Jenni and Jeffrey