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Hike-about is an adventure that commenced June 2010. After storing our household movables, ridding ourselves of a house but retaining our 'home' together, we set off with the purpose of hiking in different parts of the world, not forgetting the home country, the USA.

Our primary focus is hiking to mountain peaks but any challenging hike will do just fine. Extended stays enable us to enjoy and experience living in various places amongst differing cultures. Hike-about has evolved into a way of life. It's also a process of discovery, both the world and ourselves.

We work and live 'on the road' but return to the city in which our grandchildren reside, every couple of months. This provides us the wonderful opportunity to be with them as well as a child or two, even three and of course, friends.

By the end of 2022, the blog contained over 1,470 hikes, each a set of pictures with stories and anecdotes from the trails. An index to the right allows the viewer to identify earlier experiences.

Finally, we are often asked about the journey's end.
ur reply, as accurate as we can state, is: "When we are either forced to cease through health issues or the enjoyment level no longer reaches our aspirations, we will hang up the boots."

"A Life Experience As No Other: Dare to Seize the Day Together", published by Fulton Books, depicts our life on the road and mountains until the beginning of 2017. It has developed 'exponentially' since then.

Jenni and Jeffrey Lazarow

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Sunday, June 22, 2014

It's not the place, it's the dimension and time...Huh!

Clouds clear in the valley below Mount Woodson but remain further north.

Working on my hangover—too many 'potato chips'. (The famous Potato Chip.)

Giggling! You think my hat is funny? Let me get you a mirror.

We were able to drag the editor from her bed at 5am on Sunday so she could drag us up Mount Woodson
to the peak, again. We are not intellectuals although you would think the title of today's hike indicates a
depth that we did not realize we have. This attribute is not to be confused with an abundance of humility
which we also possess. This began on Friday, the formulation of the title, when we left our injured editor
in bed and set out with Sean Bradford to attempt Iron Mountain for the umpteenth time, from the trailhead
at 4:45am. We cannot help it if they are not making any more mountains in San Diego.

A fascinating culmination of natural events this morning.

The chance of rain over the house is zero—this is a desert.

When we reached the summit, Sean had to listen to one of our theories. Even we realize this is not
an easy thing to endure. However, Sean is a special young man. Firstly, he is half our age so he still has
the patience of youth. The young man is also intelligent, fit and strong, most pleasant and has a wonderful
family. Heck, you can't have everything. Anyway we explained our theory which he already understood—he may
have explained it to us originally but we don't remember things too well anymore especially when we are in
plagiarizing mode. We said that the place is never as important as the time and dimension. Each time we visit
a place, the structure is the same, but for fair wear and tear, (we make that proviso with the editor in mind).
However, because of time, the weather, positions of the sun, moon and many other factors will differ, making
it a different place. As we know it's the same place, therefore, we think the correct word or concept is dimension.
There it is.

Always wonderful to be above the clouds.

Lake Poway, below Mount Woodson, a local treasure.

This is just an intellectual's way of justifying the posting of a blog on a hike that we undertake regularly.
Truth be told, it's 2,400 feet elevation but each time the experience is different. The only constant is the
high rate of sweat as we walk up as fast as possible and run down as slow as we can. Back to the hike. The
cloud formations were once again quite spectacular. The hike seems to improve each time.

Thanks for reading if you got this far.

Ghost prairie as clouds thinning in places.

Hike-about 18 commences on July 1, health permitting. The editor has informed us the destination is Iceland.
She went on further to explain where the country is. She also mentioned that we won't see too many sun rises/sets
as the sun is nearly always shining in summer. We think that's a deliberate act on her part to reduce the number of
pictures we can snap. We will be spending a lot of time sleeping in our tent although we may have difficulty
trying to determine nighttime. Had we known where she would be dragging us these days, where we would be
sleeping and all the energy we would be expending, we wouldn't have...changed a thing. What a woman!

We don't know how we are going to carry our skis. However, there's still time to work on it.
See you in Iceland.

Every now and again one has to show-off; otherwise, it's quite easy to lose the touch. It seems like the mid-life
crisis is a little 'long in the tooth'. Might be better to buy a motor bike.


Jenni and Jeffrey

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Black Douglas said...

Hi folks. You really have been busy conquering mountains. Seems like Iceland is a good place to let off steam. I love the pictures that show me a part of the world I'll never see. Thank you. Apart from Reagan meeting Gorbachev near that loo, it's where the epic chess battle between Boris Spassky and Bobby Fisher played itself out over many fascinating months. Thanks for keeping in touch. Doug.