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Hike-about is an adventure that commenced June 2010. After storing our household movables, ridding ourselves of a house but retaining our 'home' together, we set off with the purpose of hiking in different parts of the world, not forgetting the home country, the USA.

Our primary focus is hiking to mountain peaks but any challenging hike will do just fine. Extended stays enable us to enjoy and experience living in various places amongst differing cultures. Hike-about has evolved into a way of life. It's also a process of discovery, both the world and ourselves.

We work and live 'on the road' but return to the city in which our grandchildren reside, every couple of months. This provides us the wonderful opportunity to be with them as well as a child or two, even three and of course, friends.

By the end of 2022, the blog contained over 1,470 hikes, each a set of pictures with stories and anecdotes from the trails. An index to the right allows the viewer to identify earlier experiences.

Finally, we are often asked about the journey's end.
ur reply, as accurate as we can state, is: "When we are either forced to cease through health issues or the enjoyment level no longer reaches our aspirations, we will hang up the boots."

"A Life Experience As No Other: Dare to Seize the Day Together", published by Fulton Books, depicts our life on the road and mountains until the beginning of 2017. It has developed 'exponentially' since then.

Jenni and Jeffrey Lazarow

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Sunday, December 20, 2020

47.40: Arizona, close to Nevada: White Canyon: Hot Springs Trail via the upper path.

After 3.2 miles, one arrives at the entrance to the hot springs. Another incredible phenomenon. Upon entering the water, the temperature matches that of a very hot bath.

The slot canyons are remarkable. Jen about to climb down a dry waterfall.

While we're on a roll and still in Utah, Barry Jahn asked about the previous posting, Lees Ferry. He commented upon the Spenser hike, sharp and steep up the mountain along the Colorado, the one we climbed 3 times because we had 'nothing better to do'. 'Why would a guy build a trail in that region and to what destination?' The answer is quite simple: 

Mr. Spenser accumulated, for want of a better term, nineteen wives over his life time. Oh, to be so virile. For each occasion, he had to travel to the registry office to obtain a licence and register the marriage. Now we think the shortcut to Kanab makes sense. I am not going to conclude as I would like for Jenni will say but you've mentioned that before. Instead, I'll end by writing that should I have concluded as I wished, I might have written 'having multiple wives I cannot understand. However, many girlfriends makes a lot of sense.' 

I am most grateful that I held myself back and did not bore Jen with repetition. Besides, I hate it when she rolls her eyes. 

For a change, we missed the formal path and negotiated our way down an awfully steep section. On the way back, we noted how we missed the formal trail. Obvious, but at the time, apparently not.

Too late to turn around, my dear.

We met a delightful young man whom I'm talking with, in the picture. He left Michigan for Idaho and is now trying to find a position with the National Parks Board in Nevada. He's currently living in his truck. We met again after the hike in the car park. We were in 2 minds about an offer we thought to put to him. We approached him and feeling a little sheepish, made the offer. The young man, who probably was struggling, rejected the offer with dignity. It was a classy act although not the outcome we wanted. We departed knowing honor still's just a more difficult to find.

People can be ever so careless. We only noticed later that someone had left a pair of legs littering the spring. Tsk! Tsk!

We lost a little of the light effect in the picture but it still is unusual and attractive.
Let's get out of here. We did a lot of that in Nevada and Utah...come to think of most places.


Jenni and Jeffrey


Suzy O’Leary said...

J & J: Those springs are amazing. We’re you at the one(s) where there were 3 different temperatures? 3 different pools?

Jeffrey said...

Exactly. However, we did not 'swim'. Jenni forgot the soap.

Warm regards!